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We tried to do a step forward, over the fundamental note of a piano. A new key for understanding the vision of the sound, experimenting with the harmonics generated and creating wonderful Pads and Textures. The result is extremely detailed.

Product Description

Strip the piano

We thought a new key to understand the visual of the sound, focusing on the harmonics generated between piano chords and pedals. The result is extremely detailed and our library became an great tool for your Piano/Pad compositions.


Product Harmonics Kontakt Script


What we cannnot see often conceals within itself a great treasure. Have you ever wondered what lies behind a piano? The soul of his ropes hides in a huge secret that resonates in its harmonics. A world of vibrations and loud sounds that echo the soul of each of us. Our goal was to capture them and to give her to you.

Product Harmonics Score Notes


Every note that we play contains within itself harmonic sounds, which make up the stamp and the characteristic sound of each note. It ‘s very difficult to hear these subtle natural sounds and they are really amazing for this, because they can only be captured: in a quiet ambient, in a good reverberant room, with good microphones in right position. What we did? We stripped the piano and used a particular sequence of note, calculated by sum of the triads, that resonate the harmonics of note. We have been recorded them, and transferred in this pack to enjoy this new way to feel the piano.

Technical Information

Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher
Not compatible with Kontakt Player
76 Wave Samples
Recorded in 44.1kHz / 24bit
Space Required ~ 245 MB

The effects
The power of convolution reverb engine inside Kontakt gave us the chance to improve the space of the samples thanks to three Impulse Response samples from different areas: Small, Hall, Gold.


Product Harmonics Kontakt Reverb

Making Really Short
Inside Harmonics there are contained 7 presets to modulate the sound and discover the features of harmonics: Lyric Heaven, Blues Waves, Resolution, Unique Case, No Dream, Double Bass, White Cat Rotorize.


Product Harmonics Kontakt Envelope

Playing with Attack & Release you will extend and modulate the sound, making really short for a “pizzicato” patterns or longer for some dark spacious Pads.

Listen the samples

Snippets, Demo, Soundtracks… All above your mind. We are curious to listen how you used this Samples Library. Send us a message with the link of your project and we will insert your track in our featured SoundCloud Playlist.

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